Kailash Kokopelli plays:

made of eukalyptus, birch, beech, oak & agave

made of cedar, maple, cherry, bamboo, metal, and bone (swan)

made of juniper, elm and pine
with skins of goat, raindeer, elk, cow and deer

Crystal Singing Bowls
made of 98% quarz crystal sand

made of skin from deer, halibut,
bark, crystals, shells, seeds, coral and bone

chimes, gongs, tibetan singing bowls

rainmakers, bullroarers, claypots, udu

fujara, clarinet, harmonic whirlies, worldstick,
tin and low whistles, clay and chord flutes
"...these instruments are sacred.
Used with pure intention they can become powerful initiators of peace and healing. These instruments are prayer tools to commune and communicate with the source.
They are sacred keys to unlock inner doors and gateways to the force and mystery of life." (Kailash)