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KACHIMO - Kailash Chi Movements

These simple yet powerful movements are keys to self healing and vitality.

What makes KACHIMO special is the unique combination of different traditional and non traditional Chi Gong styles, blended with a poetic and spiritual approach of profound depth and beauty.

Both beginners and practitioners of Chi exercises, as well as international teachers and masters have acknowledged KACHIMO as a precious and beneficial tool to access the source of life energy.

Without disturbing any other discipline or energy field KACHIMO can be easily added to
and compliments with any other practice.

Kailash has practiced Hatha Yoga daily for 15 years before a Yogi appeared in his dream instructing him to refine his daily exercises with the Chi Movements. Effordlessly Kailash was guided to meet masters and teachers of Chi who shared their knowledge with him. Out of this meeting, his dream and his practice KACHIMO was born.

Meanwhile KACHIMO is taught and practiced worldwide.

"...through recognising the divine within
we grow into a higher level of awareness..."

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