I am a walking tree
You are a walking tree

Feet on the earth - head in the sky
my heart joins together
the two to one to see

bringing the light down
into the darkest ground
releasing the dark side
into the light

I breathe in what you breathe out -
You breathe in what I breathe out

breath is connecting us all
love is connecting us all
light is connecting us all
As the moon
mirrors the sun
Let our lives
mirror the one
source of all
light of love

As the stars
are gateways
to eternaty
let this moment
be the key
to be free

this moment
is the key...!
The Songdances are simple but essential songs with simple but essential movements. Everybody can do it. Children, adults, old people. Everybody can pick it up on the spot and be part of it! That's the beauty of it. There is so much power in simplicity! Unity. Joy. Love Celebration. Songdance. Our ancestors did it. Our children are doing it. Let's do it, too. Let's dance. Let's sing. Let's move as one in many. It is so simple. It is so powerful. It gives strength. It connects. Everybody is a part of it. No one better or worse.

Everybody is precious and unique -
and together we are creating something greater.
Every step is a prayer. Every move is a celebration.
Life is happening NOW - let's celebrate it! Let's dance!
Walk with awareness
walk with love
walk with awareness
guided from above

every step a prayer
every step in peace
every step in balance
every step with ease

Walk gentle and tender
with all of you surrender
walk in your power
softly as a flower

give and receive
give and receive the blessing
Kailash Kokopelli's Songdances are sung and danced in schools, universities, at gatherings and conferences, in concert halls and private homes as well as festivals and sacred places world wide.

Especially the "Walking Tree" has found its way all around the globe, translated in different languages, it has been sung and danced with 900 children in the USA, 3000 students in the Phillipines, with Aboriginees at Uluru and Native Americans of the Algonquin and Cree Nation in Canada. In Mexico with Aztec people and the international rainbow family all over the world.

The "Walking Tree" is availible on the CD Sakrayaami and the Songdance Video where also the movements are shown.


We are creating our lives, our world through
our dreams, thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions. What kind of world are we creating?
what kind of dream are we manifesting into
reality? We are preparing the future for our
children. What kind of seeds are we planting?

Let's plant seeds of peace and healing.
Seeds of compassion and forgiveness.
Seeds of kindness and respect. Seeds of truth.
Seeds of love and hope. Seeds of trust and joy.
Seeds of light. Seeds of awakening.
The seeds we plant we harvest.
What we give and do will come back to us.
The earth is our body - our body is the earth.
What we do to the earth - we do to ourselves...
Sacred Mother Earth is carrying us and nurturing
us every day unconditionally she is giving life
and transforming the old into new life again and
again. What are we giving? We forget to give
something back. We take things for granted.
We think we are here for ever. But we are only
guests for a limited time. Not even our bodies
belong to us. They are lend to us for a precious
life time from Mother Earth.
Every heartbeat is a gift. Every breath through
which we are connected in the circle of life
with all of life, is so precious. Let's give something back. At least we can give our gratitude.
Our gratitude for being alive.
Every step can become a prayer.
Every step is a prayer giving thanks for life.
Every step is planting seeds. With every step
we plant seeds of intention. With the right foot
we give - with the left foot we receive.
What we give is what we receive.

We can even give away what does not serve us
anymore. We can give it into the fire heart of the
Earth. There it is burned up and transformed into
new life energy. With the right foot we give away the old and with the left foot we recieve the new.

Before peace can fill us, we need to let go
of what is not in peace.

Then we can come home into peace within
so that there can be peace in the world
Let's dance! Every step a prayer.
Every step planting seeds. Let's dance for our
children and the children of our children.
The coming generations - that they will have good
water to drink, good air to breethe, good earth
carrying them and nurturing them
and a sun which warms them and gives life.
Let's dance for the ones who walked this land
before us, the ones who prepared the path for us.
Our ancestors. Our forefathers and grandmothers.
Every step a prayer! Giving and receiving
is the dance. Planting seeds. It's up to us.
What we plant is what we harvest.
Let's plant peace with every step.
Every step a prayer. It's up to you and me!